InfiRay C200 Handheld IR Thermal Camera


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Functions and Features 

256×192 Resolution
Clearer details help you  to get rid of fuzzy images.  With more details captured along with the precise measurement of temperature, it's easier for you to diagnose the problem and get the job done sooner like a professional.

Professional Temperature Measurement
11h Ultra-long Battery Life
With the USB Type-C charging port, C200 can be fully charged in 4 hours. With 11 hours of long battery life, it is ready for you to use through out the day.

Dual Visions
C200 comes with outstanding infrared and visible light imaging function. When needed, it can be used for different type of object temperature measuring.


4 Image mode
Thermal Imaging, thermal fusion, picture-in-picture and visible light

7 pseudo colors
With 7 pseudo coloring options, you can easily locate hot and code spots, and can make your inspection and diagnosis more productive and effective.

Wide range temperature measuring
C200 offers wider range detection between -20℃~+550℃ , It can handle any type of measuring like locating electrical faults, HVAC and automotive inspection and maintenance, or finding air and water leaks.

Powerful Performance, Fast Inspection
Built-in high-performance 12μm VOx detector core, providing more delicate images.

56° FOV
Focus-free design brings large FOV at the same distance. It can cover an entire electric cabinet from 1 meter distance and scan 10 square meters or 108 square feet indoor floor at a glance. Inspection at any type of job site or around your house has never been easier before.

Auto Tracking of Highest/lowest-temperature Points
The center, highest and lowest temperature points could be displayed simultaneously in real-time. Image and LED alarm are supported. The alarm threshold options could be set for easy troubleshooting and pinpointing the problematic area if needed.

Tiny abnormal temperature point is clearly displayed. It is also suitable for the inspection of building quality, material defect, and precision parts and devices.

User Friendly Interactions, Simple Design with Rich Functions
5 Navigation Buttons for Easy Operation.
Measure temperature with intuitive menu options and customization settings, no additional training needed. Simply power up and scan!

Ergonomic and Durable Design
Made of two-color injection molding environmental protection material, designed for professionals to hold comfortably while working
Its camera trigger has perfect radius with the non-slip texture for better touch.
IP54 protection supports 2M drop-proof. It can be handheld or installed on a tripod.

Support offline temperature analysis
With our special PC software, you can perform professional temperature analysis and image optimization, and the analysis report can be generated with a few simple clicks.

What's in the Box

InfiRay C200 with Built-in Batteries, USB Type-C cable, Carry Pouch, User Manual


Return: 30 Days with new and unused conditions, requires RMA first

Exchange: 30 Days Due to Manufacturing Defect Only

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year